Vermin Haywired


Full name : Fabien Bogswort III
Age : 23
Pronouns : He/It
Species : Goat "dragon"

Fabien is somewhat of a washed up cryptid, but with an undying creative streak. While generally mellow he can spiral into a nervous, neurotic wreck if provoked. Sometimes his cowardice can cause him to act selfishly or become a doormat, but his intentions are never bad.

Fabien was born a goat, to its god-fearing goat parents. So you can imagine the reaction when their son started growing claws, fangs, wings and even some scales here and there! Couldn't have been something to do with the eccentric scientists offering a remedy for a recent surge of "demon babies"? This warranted excorsisms, questionable medication and lots of publication of course. In reality, Fabien was being closely monitored by CUGFESC throughout its entire life, finding subtle ways to alter his body.

Fabien invested his time in his own research of the paranormal, finding comfort in it becuase of his own circumstances. While never serious about his work, hes shown talent in all kinds of creative mediums. He met his 15 minutes of fame in his late teens, unable to say no to those looking to make a quick buck from his story. Inevitably, he couldnt handle the high pressure micro-celebrity lifestyle and ran away from it all, keeping a low profile in public and rarely leaving his apartment.

The disappearence of its boyfriend, Miko, caused Fabien to give in to the same conspiratorial thinking its parents had raised it on. Upon discovering a zombified Miko in Tame's lab, it was persuaded by Tame to allow experiments to be conducted on it in order to find the truth behind its draconic nature.